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eCRM is essential in a multichannel world

Electronic customer relationship marketing (eCRM) provides marketers with far richer, more timely and more accurate data about their customers than they previously had access to, allowing them to target customers with more precision than they could have dreamt of in the past.

Multi-channel marketing, single-channel messages

Marketers, already overwhelmed by the number of electronic marketing channels they need to manage, are often tempted to treat all social media and networking services in exactly the same way.

Multichannel strategy shows major operational benefits

Most companies run their marketing functions in a fragmented manner that is completely out of step with the reality of a multichannel world. They need to treat integration of marketing functions and data across channels as an urgent priority if they are to drive the maximum benefit from their marketing investments.

Responding in a crisis: a multi-channel approach

For those snug at home in the UK, the snow that fell thick and fast recently has come as a real Christmas blessing. For others, travelling out of the country to warmer climates and into the country to reunite with family, it has been a curse.
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Posting Pictures through Conversations
Pictures are easy to understand and fun to share. It's no wonder they generate a higher level of social engagement than any other media format, including links and videos. With this in mind, we have enhanced Conversations with a new feature for posting pictures to Facebook and Twitter. Here's a quick overview of how it works. More »
Specialised Facebook management tool launched
The recent high-profile acquisitions of specialised social media management companies by Inc. and Oracle is an indication of the growing global demand among marketers for digital tools to aid them in engaging with customers simply and effectively. More »
New version of Ensight suite simplifies social media management for marketers
Ensight has announced the immediate availability of the latest version of its Ensight multi-channel marketing suite, which introduces a powerful new social media management application called Conversations. More »

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